Work Well

Last Sunday we celebrated harvest. In a simple way we thought about how God provides for us through countless people all playing their part. It’s not just farmers farming and shopkeepers selling, but it’s the tractor manufacturer, the mechanic, the delivery driver, the oil importer, the factory workers, machine operators, and many, many more. You get the idea.

And you know what? – I think this is exactly how God intended it to be. In Genesis 1:28 God gave humans the command to “subdue the earth”. Subduing is the idea of nurturing, caring for, tending, taming….it’s the idea of bringing flourishing from; to improve; to create the conditions where life can develop and blossom. God gave us the responsibility for caring for and stewarding creation, in such a way that we contribute to flourishing.

Now, I sometimes wonder if we over-spiritualise life. By that I mean, I wonder if we ever think that the sacred is limited to ‘churchy’ stuff, or that true worship is about singing, or doing something “great” for God, or going on an overseas mission trip etc. Whereas, in reality, God has imbued each one of us with a deeply spiritual and significant calling…we are to do our job and do it well! It is when we do this, understanding the way in which we are contributing to the flourishing of life…the well-being of society, that we are actually discovering an important part of our spirituality as followers of Jesus.

If you manage people, manage them well.

If you write code, write the best code you can.

If you serve customers, serve them well.

If you cut grass, mow lawns well.

If you tend sick people, do it to the best of your abilities.

If you [insert whatever you do], do it well.

If you [insert whatever you do], do it for the flourishing of others.

If you [insert whatever you do], do it in a way that brings life.

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