An exercise in forgiveness

If you’ve got a bit of time, I would love to encourage you to read through the story of Joseph. You’ll find it in Genesis 37-45. You might know it quite well, anyway…but if not, it’s a great story.

And have a go at doing this…either in your head, or with a notebook.

Jot down the things that happen to Joseph. Make a note of the offences committed against him. Imagine the inner journey he went on as he processed and coped with his circumstances and came to terms with all that others had done to him. Look out for signs of hope in his story….little clues that give an insight into how Joseph was coping…into how God was healing Joseph’s hurts. Check out 41:51-52 and consider the names he gives to his children – what do they reveal?

And then close your eyes and consider his life as a whole. Try and sum up the journey he has been on…the physical journey, the geographic journey, the emotional journey, the spiritual journey….the soul journey.

What's God saying to you through this? Is he challenging you in any way? How do you need to respond?

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