We collect for the Living Well Foodbank in Penge. Drop off donations at Neighbourhood Church any time we're open. 

Types of food which are particularly useful include:

  • Dried pasta, dried rice and instant mashed potato

  • Tinned vegetables and fruit (e.g. sweetcorn, tomatoes,peaches, mandarins, pears)

  • Tinned meat and fish (corned beef and tuna are always popular)

  • Packets of biscuits and cereal

  • Tinned baked beans and cans of soup

  • Toilet paper

  • Detergent tablets for washing machines

  • Tea bags and instant coffee

  • Soap and toiletries - deodrant, shower gel, shampoo

  • Long life milk

Tins with ring pulls are always useful, as not everyone has access to a can opener. 

Find out more at https://livingwell.life/p/food-bank