Let things settle

Picture a jar of river water.

Shake it up and imagine all the sediment and other crud swirling around in the jar.

I wonder if that water reflects your life at all?

Life lived so fast that you feel like you’re swirling and tumbling around.

Competing emotions and thoughts and pressures and desires...all competing for space and attention…causing you stress and anxiety as you try and balance and make sense of it all…as you try and navigate life at the same time as feeling like this.

You’re crying out for clarity.

For calm.

For a stillness.

Now picture that jar no longer being shaken. But just held still.

Picture the swirling water gradually slowing to a stop.

What happens?

The sediment settles on the bottom.

The water becomes clear.



Folks, I don’t want to add one more thing for you to do. That’s not what this is about.

But I think our inner selves cry out for times of silence and stillness.

Time to allow things to settle.

Time to discover clear-thinking.

To make sense out of life.

Time to have eyes opened to sin you need to repent of.

Time to rediscover what’s important and what’s not important.

I wonder if we miss ‘hearing’ God because we don’t give Him the time and space.

And silence.

Do you need to make time for space and silence?

What’s stopping you?

#practisingthewayofJesus (Mark 1:35 / Mark 6:31 / Matthew 14:13)

Simon Lang