But God...

But God…

The gospel…the good news…in two words.

Two transformative words.

Life-changing words.

Game-changing words.

Perhaps, the most important two words you will ever hear.

Two words that are at the heart of the good news message that runs through Scripture.

But God.

Two words that usher in hope.

And salvation. And forgiveness. And adoption.

In fact, everything.

Two words which usher in everything God has for us.

These two words occur in lots of places throughout Scripture, but let me highlight just one of them.

Ephesians 2:10 is an epic passage. Paul contrasts what we once were, with what we now are.

He starts with what we once were…

We were dead in our sins.

In opposition to God.

Living to crave our own selfish cravings and desires.

Without hope.

God’s enemies.

And, ready for it…..

But God…(v4)

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us,…

Despite what we were, God did something.

God took the initiative.

God acted.

We were dead in our sin and rebellion.

But God….

…made us alive with Christ!


God saved us.

Forgave us.

Breathed new life upon us.

Brought us into His Kingdom.

Poured the riches of his grace upon us.

Gave us a hope and a future.


How was all this possible?

But God…

Simon Lang