Searching for good

Recently, Google produced a 2 minute video highlighting the “good” things that people searched for last year. The punchline at the end of the video? Good things are worth searching for: search on.

It struck me for a few reasons….

One: Deep inside all of us, is a longing for, a yearning for….good. We all know that there is something inherently right about that which is good. Something appealing…something attractive…something magnetic about that which is good. And when we discover things that are good we delight in them.

Two: The Bible (James 1:17) tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from above (i.e. from God). All that is good, comes from God….because God himself, is a good God. So we see good all around us. And whenever we see good, we should rejoice in it and celebrate it. But, here’s the thing….that which is good is designed us to lead us to the One who is good. The gift should lead us to the giver.

Three: Good things are indeed worth searching for. That’s exactly what the Magi knew. They knew the star was a sign…a sign to something that was good. And so they journeyed…they searched. Until they discovered the one they were looking for.

Four: You know what made the Magi’s search worth it? You know why it wasn’t a futile search? Because God had chosen to reveal Himself. The God who is good, revealed himself through the person of Jesus. The good news is that we don’t need to search, because the God who is good, has chosen to reveal himself first through Jesus, and then through His Word, the Bible. So Christians believe that we can stop searching and start getting to know!

And wouldn’t that be a fantastic thing to do this year…commit to getting to know your good Heavenly Father. Yes, enjoy those good videos that do the rounds online, but don’t content yourself with merely dipping your toe in the ocean of goodness…..come to the One who wants to soak you in His goodness…come to the One who wants you to know His goodness.

Why, oh why, would we do anything less?!

Simon Lang