Questions to help you grow...


The series might have finished, but don’t file what we’ve been thinking about in that mental filing cabinet we all have! In chatting to people, I know several people have found it a really helpful and challenging series.

The thought that has struck me is this: If it’s true that God wants to grow us to be more like Jesus (which it is: Luke 6:40), and if it’s true that God grows us in all sorts of ways, but certainly including the four relational environments we looked at….then are there any questions we can be regularly asking ourselves which will keep us positioned for growth?

Let me explain….

Take The Line. That’s all about our posture towards our Sunday gathering, but particularly God’s Word. A basic Christian belief is that God speaks to us through His Word (e.g. 2 Tim. 3:16) - I’m not talking about thunderbolts from heaven here…I’m just talking about hearing / sensing / feeling (call it what you will) God’s voice through the pages of Scripture. And I think that’s something we should be experiencing on a regular basis. Any time we come to the Bible with soft hearts, we should ‘hear’ God’s voice. So my question I’m asking myself is this: “How have I heard God speaking to me through His Word this week?” Do you see how that question flows right out of The Line. And do you see how it’s a question which is a ‘growth’ question….it’s a question which positions me to be growing.

So here’s my challenge….sit down and work through the 4 environments (The Line, The Circle, The Chair & the Neighbourhood). Come up with one question for each. Talk about them with a friend, or in small group. Or let me know what your questions are…I would love to hear them.

Praying for growth for you.

s edge