And another "growth" question...


Remember the two principles from our Habitudes series.

(i) The journey of a disciple is a journey of increasingly becoming more like Jesus (Luke 6:40)

(ii) And it’s the attitudes...the inner posture…of our heart towards all sorts of things that affects this growth, either helping or hindering us.

In short, God wants to make us more like Jesus, and we can either help or hinder that process!

And I’ve been asking, ‘are there questions we can be regularly asking ourselves that will keep us positioned for growth?’ Are there questions that flow out of The Line, The Circle, The Chair and The Neighbourhood that we can be asking ourselves and each other that will help us grow? You can probably guess that I think there are – in fact, the last two weeks I have suggested two of my own: “How have I heard God speaking to me through His Word this week?” And, ““How am I doing loving the people God has placed around me?”

Well, this week, I’m thinking about The Chair – how God wants to grow us as we spend time with Him in prayer and Scripture.

In the gospels we regularly see Jesus prioritising time for prayer. He goes off by himself to spend time with his Father in Heaven. A few times we are given insight into the content of those prayers, but other times we’re left to imagine. He prayed after receiving the devastating news that his cousin, John the Baptist, had been executed. He prayed after a manic couple of days of ministry. He prayed after giving of himself in the feeding of the 5000. I’m convinced that in these times, not only did Jesus spend time listening and prayerfully thinking things through, but he also received from his Father….he was ministered to by his Father.

Time in The Chair does that – it’s when we pray, when we listen to our Heavenly Father, it’s when we sit and receive…it’s when God’s Holy Spirit works in us, nudging, poking, stirring us in all sorts of ways. In short, time in The Chair is essential to our growth as followers of Jesus.

So, what’s a question you could be asking yourself that would be a “growth” question that flows out of The Chair?

Mine is this: “What am I discovering about God and myself through my bible reading and prayer?”

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