Lives intersected


Just about ten years ago our lives intersected with Frank and Brian - 2 elderly gentlemen at the Brethren Assembly. It was a God-ordained crossing of paths.

You know the story…this intersection of lives led to us being given the building.

God providing through a providential crossing of paths on a Sunday morning on Cromwell Road.

Yesterday, Brian came to the Coffee Shop. It was his first time back in the building since we were given it. Another intersection of our lives.

I showed him around the building; shared with him the last seven years; and told him a bit about how God has grown us as a church. We talked about Jesus; about grace, and about how people matter to God.

I think his heart was warmed and encouraged.

And then he shared how once a week, for the last seven years, he has prayed for us. On a Thursday. Every Thursday.

Now it was my turn to be warmed and encouraged.

Paraclesis looks like all sorts of things.

But Frank and Brian came alongside us almost ten years ago. They gifted us a building. And unbeknown to us, Brian (and who knows, maybe Frank too), has been coming alongside us in prayer throughout all that time. And yesterday, we came alongside each other and encouraged each other as we spoke of the faithfulness of the Lord. 

It was good. It was sweet.

Why not take a moment to give thanks for Frank and Brian…their faithfulness, their love, their encouragement to us.

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