Dare to Believe


Last Sunday we thought about Tabitha in Acts 9. I’ve continued reflecting on the story this week. Particularly, why the Christians in Joppa sent for the apostle Peter. Luke (who wrote Acts) doesn’t actually tell us….although, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s because they want Peter to perform a miracle.

And knowing that, what does that tell us about these first century Christians? It tells us that they believed the resurrected Jesus changed things? They believed that nothing was too big or crazy or beyond the realm of possibility. They believed, in this case, that death did not have to have the last word.

And it got me thinking: what might this type of thinking look like for us? For you? For me? If we dared to dream about what the resurrected Jesus might want to do in us, through us and around us. What might it look like for Neighbourhood Church? What might it look like for the way we pray for each other? What might it look like for how we pray for ourselves? For how we pray for God’s Kingdom to come?

Close your eyes a moment…and pray. Ask God to grow your faith…to grow your expectancy…ask God to give you a vision that flows from believing that nothing is impossible for God.

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