Called to be DIFFERENT

Keep Christianity Weird

That’s the title of a short book I’ve just read by Michael Frost. It’s subtitled ‘Embracing the Discipline of Being Different’.

And I’m just going to let the blurb speak for itself…

Jesus is different. Go and do likewise.

Many Christians have become comfortable with letting the world mould them instead of being set apart by God. And many churches have traded in their biblical roots for complacent conventionality. But Jesus and the church are anything but conventional. The hallmark of our faith is that it sees the world differently than the world sees itself.

We are called to be eccentric - off-centre, unique, different - not conformed to the patterns of the world but transformed by the renewing of our minds. By God’s grace, we are not only dissatisfied by sin but also increasingly uncompelled by conventionality.

So resist the allure of acceptability. Get back to the unsafe roots of our faith. Be equipped to surprise the world with the Good News it didn’t even know it was waiting for. Challenge the way things are by living a life that has been truly set free by Christ.”

I’m not sure I’ve got anything else to add!

Simon Lang