Our Values

Like any group, there are things that matter to us as Neighbourhood; things we pray will shape us and influence who we are and what we do.

Here are some of the values that make us Neighbourhood Church: 


God has created people to belong to him and each other.  

The Bible tells us that when we come to faith in Jesus, we automatically become part of his family here on earth: the church. This church isn’t about a building, it’s about the community of people. There’s something about how Christians live together as church that’s a living, breathing, tangible expression of who God is.  

We’re definitely not perfect here at NCB, but this sense of belonging is really important to us. We spend time together, talking, praying, eating, laughing, encouraging and loving each other because that’s what Jesus did when he was on earth. 


An essential part of being a follower of Jesus is believing. After all, we wouldn’t be Christians without having believed in the first place! 

We believe the Bible is God's word to us. We believe it is true and timeless. We believe it teaches us all we need to know about God, about Jesus, and about his purposes for us and for his world - the good news that God welcomes and forgives messed up people, through his son Jesus. 

So we seek to understand the Bible, to teach it, to discuss it, to grapple with it, and to obey it. You'll find that it plays a large part in what we do.


As Christians, we believe God also invites us to be his people. Faith in Jesus is life-encompassing and life-consuming - it isn’t just head knowledge that has no connection to the rest of our lives. 

So at Neighbourhood, you’ll hear us talking about “being church together.” This can be expressed in all sorts of ways, but some of the important elements for us are caring for each other, seeking to know God better so that we can live out our lives in the way he wants us to, serving our neighbours and telling people the good news of Jesus.