Neighbourhood People

What do the following have in common? 

Mums, dads, singles, newly marrieds, children, people with grown-up kids, teachers, designers, an accountant, a solicitor, a social worker, web guys, sales executives, a BT engineer, a recruitment manager, a charity director, a journalist, stay at home mums, healthcare professionals, college students, company owners, a costume designer, a tax collector, a headmistress, a security guard, a musician...

These are just some of the people who make up Neighbourhood Church Beckenham - a group of people, at various stages of their faith journey, who are committed together to learning and growing in what it means to be followers of Jesus.

We're not a church for a particular type of person. We're just a church for people.

We realise we're not perfect. We don't pretend to be and we don't try to be, but we do believe that Jesus fixes messed up things, and that we're a church of messed up people who are in the process of being put back together again. And we think that's actually pretty good news - because it means you don't have to be perfect to come!

We are very much come-as-you-are. You don't have to dress up to come. You don't have to participate, you can just sit and listen. You don't have to know all the answers... we don't (although we believe God does)!

We welcome you to get to know us, come along, check us out, and discover what we're all about.